Vedres Tamás

Media Designer & Web Specialist

I know what we will need from the beginning to the end of the project. I know the necessary technologies and professionals who will help you carry out a successful web project.

13 év online projekt tapasztalat

I participated in the creation of websites, mobile apps and popular webshops. From the first sketches and the first negotiations to successful investment rounds. 

Project success
2011 - Freelancer
2016 - 2017 Sky Marketing Agency

Project manager. Featured online strategic negotiations, business development and marketing campaign management

2017 - 2020 BeBrand Agency

Business development, IT negotiations, strategic partner management

2020 - Legrand

Digital communication manager Full web and digital brand representation in Hungary. Optimizing websites and running digital campaigns

Professional experience

At the domestic level, many people are already my partners and recommenders. See if we have mutual acquaintances and make sure of my online skills.

250+ átadott weboldal

Az elmúlt 13 évben

150+ partner az elmúlt évekből

My services

Focus areas


This area is my favorite.
During our cooperation, you will have a fast, beautiful and functional website.

Brand Identity

Logo design, creating an image manual, banners, posts. I have managed more than 20 social media profiles in recent years.

Media management

Storage, conversion, sharing and uploading of media materials created and received during work processes. Optimise the UX and media workflows.
I create and manage web design, product photos, PDFs, audio and video files.

Project management

In my opinion, communication, consistency and transparency are the most important. We can only work together if you also apply them.


It is necessary to maintain and monitor the websites, and I can perform this task as well.

Digital consulting

Sign up on the contact form and let's get in touch.

App design

I worked on the design and implementation of nearly 20 mobile apps. I love apps and web interfaces. I have tried 1000+ apps on iOS and Android


A well-directed phone call or message is often all it takes to make a project a success.

Let's get the most out of your project

Contact me and let's talk on the phone or in an online meeting.

+36 30 424 5394